It's Cold in the River at Night - now available for Pre-Order

That's right, order it from the Avery Hill shop before the 16th November 2017 and your copy will be signed and sketched in.

It's Cold in the River at Night

For what must be two years I've been working on my first graphic novel which is called It's Cold in the River at Night. It will be published by Avery Hill in November.
There's a preview of it here 
and below is some artwork from it that nobody's seen before.

NEW COMIC! - Underpants - Now Available

Copies of my new comic Underpants have been delivered from the printers and are now available! 28 pages of (mostly) full colour comic strips from my sketchbook. Available now from GOSH and Orbital. Or order them from me by using this here Paypal button.

See below for examples of the kind of thing you will find in between it's covers.

Recent Animation

Last year I was the main animator on this advert. For Nomint.

Christmas IDs for Disney XD Africa. Space Horse.

I designed the characters and props for this, and animated the section that starts at 0:40 and finishes at 0:58. (The rest was animated by Mark Abbott)
Space Horse, for Disney XD Africa again. 

First I did the storyboards and then animated all the characters. 
For Cartoon Network.

I've been working on other stuff too, but I can't show it to you yet.

Rattle That Lock

I recently worked on this video for the song Rattle That Lock by Dave Gilmour. It was produced by Trunk Animation and directed by Alasdair and Jock. I animated the cormorant.

A Quiet Disaster now available on Sequential

For those who don't know, Sequential is "...a curated digital graphic novel and comics app for iPad" that "doesn't do superheroes".
The print version is still available from Avery Hill by the way.