New Storyboard Site

Some of you might not know this, but I love storyboarding! I've been doing it off and on for as long as I've been animating, and that's a long time (Since 2000).
Have a look at some of my previous storyboard work by clicking here! 
(Or use the link in the link bar near the top of the page.)

Travel Safe - Winter Driving - Ford DSFL

Here's the first of some road safetly films I've been working on for Ford, via GTB.

Recent Animation

This is all stuff that I've worked on in the past year. I'm a traditional animator and I mainly use Flash/Animate. 

The above two were animated for Trunk Animation.

And these two were done at Nomint.

New Year - New Showreel

The best of the animation work I've done over the past couple of years for Trunk, Nomint, and Cartoon Network.

It's Cold in the River at Night - now available!

That's right, you can order it now from the Avery Hill shop!
Alternatively you could order it from your local comic shop, or from Waterstones. 
Some reviews are now in, my favourite is here, although be aware that it gives away quite a lot of the story. You could read this short write-up by Broken Frontier's Andy Oliver instead. 
Or as well. 
Yes, read both, and then order it.

It's Cold in the River at Night

For what must be two years I've been working on my first graphic novel which is called It's Cold in the River at Night. It will be published by Avery Hill in November.
There's a preview of it here 
and below is some artwork from it that nobody's seen before.

NEW COMIC! - Underpants - Now Available

Copies of my new comic Underpants have been delivered from the printers and are now available! 28 pages of (mostly) full colour comic strips from my sketchbook. Available now from GOSH and Orbital. Or order them from me by using this here Paypal button.

See below for examples of the kind of thing you will find in between it's covers.