Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

I worked on the 2D animation on this video for a very well known band. 

Animated Sketch

In recent years I've been enjoying sketching people while I'm out and about. I've filled a couple of sketchbooks with these drawings, and you can see many of them on my instagram if you're interested.

I'd been wondering it I'd be able to animate these sketches using TVPaint, and it turns out that I can! See below, and see further below for the original sketch.

Give Cyclists Adequate Space

This is the second film I made at GTB for Ford, Driving Skills for Life.
I designed, storyboarded and animated this from start to finish.

Very Short Film 2

Another clip from the short film I've been working on.

Life Drawing

I've been doing life drawing regularly for a couple of years. Here are a few examples.

Very Short Film

I've been working on a very short animated film for a while now. It's going to look a bit like this.

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It's Cold
in the River
at Night

2017. 112pp, full colour throughout. 
Psychological drama novella. Released on the 16th November 2017.

2016. 28 pages, almost all in full colour. Collected sketchbook comic strips from the past few years.
£4.00 plus 64p postage.

A Quiet Disaster

2014. 32 pages, full colour. 
One continuous narrative, the longest comic I'd done at that point.
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Down The Tubes Review
Broken Frontier Review

The Comix Reader
The Comix Reader was an alternative Comix newspaper that attempted to re-ignite the spirit of the underground.
6 issues were published from 2010 - 2015
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2013. 24 pages, mostly in full colour.
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Me, Talking T
Myself About 
Myself, As Usual
2012. 24 pages, almost entirely in full colour.
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