Stripburger #79!

Two of my comic strips are in it. And loads of other good stuff too.

More Animation

I've no work at the minute (I'm available!) and I was wanting to have some fun with some animation of my own again, so this is what happened.

E17 Art Trail

 Some of my original comics artwork is currently being exhibited as part of the E17 Art Trail, which is taking place in Walthamstow, East London at the minute. There are three A2 pages from the Comix Reader, a couple of pages from It's Cold in the River at Night, and some pages from my ongoing instagram comic

Come on Saturday, when I'll be there, ready to converse about my work if necessary! It's at Creativeworks, 1st Floor, Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow E17 6DS. Or you can come any week day before the 17th July 2021 and get in by buzzing the intercom.

To accompany the exhibition I spoke to Kate Tattersfield about my work, and she wrote about the experience here.

Showreel 2021


This is my new showreel, madefup of animation work that I've been involved with recently, mainly as a senior or lead animator.

Cake Foot Animation

I've had a lot of time on my hands, so I've been animating again.

Two Doors Down by Dolly Parton

Last year, I animated this promo piece for Dolly Parton's new Netflix series, for Made by Radio. Click here for more.

Head Morph Animation

The Coronavirus is out there, so I'm staying in and working on some daft animation. And daft audio too. To make this I started in Adobe Animate, then I did the shading using Photoshop, some effects in After Effects, and then mixed the audio in Premiere.

Music - The Swine Disco by Elvis Herod/Plushgoolash
Licensed under creative commons - 
Sounds effects from